Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

Keegan's first halloween! And we exercised our parental rights to dress him up and take lots of pictures in his costume, not just to share with the grandparents, but to make sure we have plenty of embarrassing ammo for when his is a teenager. 
We went to Irvine to visit the pumpkin patch - this place will be alot of fun as he gets older as they had hayrides and the railroad with a little train to ride on. This time we just hung out around the pumpkins for some great photos of Keegan in his costume as a little monster!
Halloween night we went out trick or treating - can't wait till we can teach him to say trick or treat!

Go Kings!

We took Keegan to his first hockey game a few weeks ago. Of course he had to dress the part, so Jeff bought him a little LA Kings tshirt. He looked so cute. Jeff was so excited as Keegan, myself and Auntie Heidi headed off to Staples Center to watch the Kings play. If you ask Jeff, Mr. Man will be a lover of hockey just like his daddy as he was very observant of all the noise and activity around him. Here's some pics of our evening! And the best part of all...Kings win!