Monday, May 30, 2011


It's been a very busy week....
We departed on Friday afternoon from LAX. I was all prepared to it to be chaotic, especially since it was the Friday of the holiday weekend. We left our house at 3pm for a 7:30pm flight. First sign that things were out of the ordinary came when we hit almost zero traffic to the airport. Like when does that EVER happen? Then we get to the airport where we not only checked in with ease (and got those bags just under the max weight limit!) but breezed through security. We figured we'd wander throughout the terminal, get some food, etc. Wrong! Who knew that there are absolutely NO places to eat at the gates - all the dining establishments are found outside of security. So i ended up skipping back out to get us some food to bring back (a much better idea considering the ordeal it was to pull out all the toiletries and shoes and computer devices at security, scan the car seat and stroller, etc.....)

See what i'm talking about....empty!

So off we went on the first leg of our trip - 11 hours to Zurich. I was so impressed with Keegan - he did awsome. We had brought his car seat on board with us (which let me tell you, BARELY fit in the seat) and strapped him in. He slept a good portion of the flight and while he woke up disoriented a few times, he barely got fussy. I'm sure all the people sitting around me were very thankful for that!

We landed in Zurich after some sleep for Keegan and very little sleep for mom and I. But i've decided that this is my favorite airport of all time. They have this great family space where diapers can be changed, highchairs can be used and where there are tons of toys for the kids just to go nuts with. They even have a little room where baby and parents can take a nap! This place seriously rocks!

Of course, K was quick to find the trains to play with.

Eventually we had to leave this fun place (but hey, we have another layover on our way home, so we'll get to play there once again!) Then it was off to Florence. It was just a quick flight, only about an hour. But what a magical hour it was. The sights out the window of the plane was just awe-inspiring. Here's one that i snapped out of the plane window (leaning over K's seat)....

Seriously, this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice.

Here's Mr. K....just hanging out.

We arrived in Florence and took a taxi to our hotel where we would spend our first night. Driving in an Italian taxi is like having a conversation with God. Actually all of the drivers are crazy. They fit their cars down these tiny streets and they zip and zoom around people. I'm surprised more people don't die from car accidents in this town, because they are indeed crazy!

The next day we were moved into our apartment. The school is located near Santa Croce, so most of us are living in apartments in the historical center of the city, with a few students just across the Arno river. My apartment is just 2 blocks away from the Duomo - in fact, we can see the top of the cathedral from one of the bedroom windows. Our apartment is very nice and much bigger than i expected, so it is very comfy for us.

Here's the view from our living room:

We actually have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is very nice. But the showers in the bathroom are VERY tiny - it should be interesting when K and I try and shower in the am....

And a few pics of us..... Here's K and Grammy.....

And then one of my little man and me!

After my first day of school today (yes, much to my students dismay, we had class on Memorial Day, which i had to remind them is NOT a holiday in Italy - :) we decided to go for a walk in the city. Things go on much later here - to go out to dinner earlier than 7 or 8pm is out of the ordinary. We've already tried Italian pizza, pasta and of course, gelato (i'll let you guess which one is everyone's favorite!). Tonight we headed out to wander around the Duomo (where i saw Mike "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore filming a scene with his entourage. Of course my students are thrilled with the fact that they might "bump" into them (ok, the female students), but the locals are very OVER them being here and all their crazy partying obnoxious ways. I might have to pretend to be canadian. I tried to get a picture (only to prove to my students that i actually did see him), but the "entourage" wouldn't let me.

So you'll have to settle for a picture of the Duomo....which is a much more magnificent sight in my opinion.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So for pretty much the majority of Keegan's life, i've been lamenting the part that he is "growing up". Of course, yes, i know that this is just a part of life, but there is a part of me that wishes that the baby days would last just a little bit longer. Some of my mommy friends might call me crazy, but it really has been one of my favorite stages so far. There's just something about those early days (viewed through the eyes of sleep deprivation, no less). It's funny, because i remember even at a very young age, Keegan always seemed like such an old soul to me, as if he had already seen so many things in his life. Perhaps i should believe in reincarnation or past lives or something. But i look at him and i think one of two things. 1) He's growing up way too fast....STOP!!!!! or 2) He's always looked the same way then as he does today. Well i can tell you that the answer to the first question is indeed yes. As for the second one, my mind forgets that once upon a time, he was indeed a squishy soft little baby. So i think back to all those digital photos that are stored somewhere on my computer, never to be seen again after they were uploaded. So i created a screen background on my computer at work where every few minutes or so, a new photo from the first year of K's life pops up. It is certainly a great way to procrastinate, but it also reminds me of the days that go by way too fast.

Here's some of my favorites that make me ooh and ahh every day. And to think, the last (almost) two years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm sure i'll be saying the same thing when he turns 18 - oh where oh where did the time go......

Here's a few from the really early days. The first one i think was in the first couple of weeks and the second one was probably when he was less than a day old!

No he's not really sitting up here, just propped up against the couch, probably 3 or 4 months old. This was about as chubby as his legs ever got - no rolls for me to pinch! Sometimes i look at pictures from the early days, and while i recognize him, he looks so different

This one was part of the first set of family photos that we had done in November 2009 when K was 5 months old

Both of these photos were taken when K was around 10 months old. These types of pictures probably add to my belief that he's always looked the same - as these aren't a far cry from some of his more recent pictures.

Just don't grow up too fast my little man :)