Friday, May 23, 2014

Bad Mommy Blogger

So i am literally the worst blogger ever. I always say that i am going to update this, but truth be told, im much better about posting stuff on Facebook. But i still keep this around and every once in a while i'll think about it and then i fall in love with the idea of it because it's so easy to look back at how my little guy is simply growing up too damn fast.

So gee, given that my last update was, what TWO YEARS AGO!!!!! Well needless to say, alot has gone on since then:

1) He learned to ride a bike - literally in 5 minutes when Grammy and Pops were in town for his 4th birthday.
2) He got his first Disneyland pass (4 1/2)
3) He knows how to write his name (P-K school year)
4) He finally sleeps in his own bed....oh wait, who am i kidding. At least he will start at night in his bed and i can walk away while he is still awake, but he always ends up heading to our bed at some point in the middle of the night
5) We've had lots of adventures - trips to Grammy's house, Johnathan's house, cousin sleepovers with Alex, camping, a cruise to Florida, Mexico and Grand Cayman...and many more adventures planned this next year!
6) He graduated from preschool and starts kindergarten in August (pause while i wipe my eyes)
7) And he's simply the funniest, silliest, crazy boy i know!

Here's some of my favorite pics over the last few years.....
 The Neighborhood Crew: Keegan, Mollie and Lauren 
First time riding a bike - no training wheels! (June 2013)

 Silly Ice Cream Face on our Cruise (January 2012)

Mommy and K (June 2013)

Rockin the Freestyle (April 2014)

Cousin Trip to Disneyland (Spring 2014)

Trip to Grammy and Pops (April 2014)

First NASCAR Race (Spring 2014)

First Camping Trip (August 2013)

Xmas Family Pictures (December 2012)

Meeting his hero, Captain America (Disneyland, Spring 2014)

So here's my pledge to update this more often, which we all know that i will break. But at least i'll set an alarm in my calendar to remind myself that i am forgetting to document all these amazing things. Because my brain is getting old and full!

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