Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer vacations

If you know anything about our family, its that we love to travel. This summer, we took two vacations. Our first vacation was a 5 day trip to the land of trees (oh no - trees!)

We started off our adventure in Mammoth. Neither Jeff or I had ever been here and i can see how much fun this would be in the winter time. I'm thinking this year might be the year to try skiing with K. But it was absolutely beautiful in the summer time. It's amazing to remember that the sky can actually be blue - or at least more blue in the land of clean air compared to what we get in the city on the average day. We stayed at a friends condo which was great. 

In the village, they had a great area to listen to concerts at night and just wander around town. I even got K out on the dance floor to boogie down.

We went on our first family hike to Rainbow Falls. Now after our last adventure, you can understand how we might be a little concerned with cliffs and things of the like, but K managed to stay away (he was very aware of his surroundings that way). I had just got a new fitbit to track our walking on vacation and lets just say we got in lots of steps. 

Here's some beautiful views along the way.

The finish line - Rainbow Falls!

After two days in Mammoth (which included a ride up to the top of the mountain in a gondola), we headed off to Yosemite. I hadn't been since i was a kid and Jeff had never been, so i was super excited to go back and check it out. We drove in from the east side, which was nice because then we got to see the entire park. We stayed in the heart of the Valley floor at Curry Village. It was a bit too glampy for Jeff, but perfect for me. Next time, i'm hoping to stay in Housekeeping camp. 

We didn't see any bears, but got to see a few deer, a bobcat and tons of squirrels.

I was pretty bummed that Yosemite Falls was all dried up. Consequences of the drought. But there was a nice hike up to Vernal Falls that we did. Man, K was such a trooper. He never complained the whole way and was totally kicking our butts. We were beat after all this exercise and K was ready for more!

So we rented bikes and rode around the area. Just as we got started, the skies opened up and after a few tummy rumbles from God (otherwise known as thunder), we got some rain, which was so much fun!


A few weeks later we headed out for our annual trek to Vegas. This year, we brought the Greenlee's with us. The kids had a blast playing at the pool and checking out the Vegas strip together. And the adults enjoyed some of the best food ever at night while the kids stayed with Becky. Seriously, bringing her with us to Vegas is the best idea we've ever had!!! Family time during the day, kid free zone at night. Genius!

This is by far my favorite picture ever!!!

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