Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The First Cold

So Keegan has been down with his first cold. Poor guy. It all started about a week ago when i came home from school after my first day back at work. Mind you, i was just trying to survive my own sinus infection, so i was really worried that i had passed the bug on to him (i mean really, how can you not, being in such close proximity all the time) Last tuesday, he was flirting with a fever, so i took him into the Dr. on Wednesday. They didn't seem to find anything wrong, so we went about life as usual By about Friday, he started to get a bit of a runny nose, so i had to pull out that lovely little blue nose bulb sucky thing. He really hated that! By Sunday, we took him back to the Dr. because it seemed like it was moving into his chest - if he's anything like his mama, he'll be headed for bronchitas for sure, as that is what happens to me every time i get anything that resembles a cold. Luckily the Dr. said that he just has a really bad cold. So we've been suffering through that - and luckily we keep the Dr's number on speed dial! But we will survive through it, as i'm sure this experience (as bad as it is for Mr. Man) is harder on Jeff and I than Keegan!

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