Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun with Johnathan

We spent the weekend with Kymi, my longest dearest friend of 27 years (yikes - how time flies) and her 18 month old son, Johnathan. Wow, between the two, i think that's all the birth control that i will need for the near future. It was quite the glimpse of what i am in for here in the future once Mr. Keegan becomes mobile (and therefore, into everything in sight!) It was so much fun hanging out with them all weekend, but boy was i tired when i came home on Monday. We came home and took a nap! I don't know how other mommies of siblings (or twins! dear god!) do it. I suppose sleep is something that just doesn't exist, huh?
So we went on Saturday and got pictures of the boys. So cute. It reminded Kymi and I of how we used to do best friend pics growing up, and now here we are, both with boys just a year+ apart and we are doing pics now with them. So cute. I've posted them here for you to see!

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