Friday, February 18, 2011

And time flies

So i started this blog with the best of intentions.....and then life got away from me. Work, sleep, yeah who has time for a blog. But then i was inspired by a few other mommies who have been blogging and i was like, it's such a great way to keep a running diary of K's life, and i'm sure that i've forgotten so much of the past year already - it really is amazing what sleep deprivation will do to one over the long haul. So with our upcoming trip to Italy, i've decided to revitalize my old blog - plus it's a great way to procrastinate from the things that are on my desk! So here goes nothing!

A few recent pics of Keegan - boy he is growing up so fast. I actually get really sad about it - he's not going to be my little boy forever....ok maybe he always will be, no matter how big he gets!

This one is one of my favorites - we did this for Father's Day last year. It's the classic big brother/little brother moment. Jeff actually got teary eyed when he opened the frame at the image of his two boys.

Even though this pic is from 6 months ago, it remains one of my favorites. Such a classic K look!

And this one is more recent - one of the mommies on Monday took it when we were playing at the park on Valentines Day.

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