Monday, February 21, 2011

My Giggle Place

Today, Keegan and I headed off to My Giggle Place, a new kids playground that opened near our house. This was the 2nd time that we had been, but today we headed off with some of our friends, which made it all the more fun. Since today was a school holiday, it was crazy crowded.

This was one of the fun bouncy toys that they had to play on. They have so many different areas for kids to play in (and they are in the process of building another fun room!)

We got to play with the parachute - Keegan loves to either bounce balls on top of the parachute, or run under it!

They even have this little art area with all sorts of supplies. They have a different craft activity each day, but K decided that he just wanted to color.

They have an area where the kids can dress up and play. Princess dresses for the girls and K was having fun with this fireman hat. Given his love of trucks these days, we'll have to make a trip to a real fire station soon!

K's three favorite places at Giggle Place - the ball pit, the train table and the slide!

But K had a blast and did not want to leave. But he sure played himself out (2.5 hours worth!!!!) - so much so that he didn't even wait until we got home and he started naptime on the 5 minute drive home.

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