Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disneyland....part one

A few months ago, we decided to get Disneyland passes. Jeff and I had them a few years ago BK (before Keegan) and decided that we would get them again this year - after all, once you muster through the investment of the pass (and they seemed way more expensive this year than they were a few years ago), it's a pretty cheap night. Park in Downtown Disney for free, bring snacks and play for 2 1/2 hours, which is generally plenty for Keegan. Each time we go, we do a couple of new rides.

Who needs a stroller when you have Daddy's shoulders!

The first day, we headed straight for Dumbo. You would think that he would have loved it, given his fascination with airplanes, but he was a little freaked out by the whole flying idea. After that mini-meltdown, we headed off to the carousel and the Pinocchio ride. I thought he would be scared in the dark, but he did ok.

We ended the day at Toontown where he got to meet Goofy and Pluto. Keegan kept saying "puppy" but alas there were too many kids there for him to get any one on one time (which meant, no cool pictures for mommy). Still, he didn't seem too nervous about meeting a giant stuffed animal. But he sure loved playing on the playground there.

The next time, we headed off to Pirates of the Caribbean. Again, i was surprised that he wasn't afraid of the dark, though he did get a bit uneasy on those moments where the boat takes a little dip ala log ride style. We also did Autotopia, and Keegan got to drive his first car. Talk about his own little heaven - the video clips from that are priceless! (I haven't figured out yet how to post video onto this blog....)

That night we also got our first experience with It's a Small World. Wow, that song really does stick in your head for-EVER!!!!

This last time, we spent the day at what was once known as Tom Sawyer Island, which i think now is called Pirates Cove, or something like that. Probably capitalizing on that whole Pirates of the Caribbean movie gig. (Has anyone ever noticed that the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse is no longer called Swiss Family Robinson? Such a travesty, really. But i've noticed that they change the names of alot of the rides these days to whatever is the newest greatest trend. To me, it will always be the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. But i digress....). Of course Keegan had a blast climbing on all the rocks (saying he climbed up the rocks. So freakin cute!) and posing with the skulls and gravestones.

I'm sure the year will be filled with many more trips to fact, we're headed back on Monday!

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