Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Johnathan's Third Birthday

The other week, my dear friend of over thirty years and her family came down to visit in honor of her son's third birthday. What else does one do for such a memorable event? Go to Disneyland of course!

We spent time at both parks, but found that Mickey's House was the most fun for the kids. Though we did get in some fun shots with the characters over at California Adventure.

At first, Keegan was a bit timid, but by the time we got to Mickey, he caught on to the idea of it!

It was pretty crowded (i swear, it seems like "Spring Break" lasts 6 weeks long at Disneyland) but we were able to go on a few rides without too much of a wait. Keegan and Johnathan both loved the Dumbo and the Autotopia ride. I was so happy that Keegan survived Dumbo as he screamed on the first time we went on it.

(Hey Johnathan....the road is in front of you :) )

Then it was off to the carousel!

Oh yea, see that train in Keegan's hand. He wouldn't let it go all day...and even now he wakes up and the first thing in the morning, he says "choo choo". Good thing we live right across the street from a train station, because the kid is obsessed with all things related to trains (especially if it's "Thomas" the train)

But i digress from our Disney experience.......

Then it was off to "Mr Toad's Wild Ride" - now i have to admit that even i thought that it was a bit dark and fast and jerky (um, as in the whole "Wild Ride" part.....) Well K wasn't much of a fan. Johnathan on the other hand spent the rest of the trip uttering....."Mickey rides.....too dark"...... Apparently he still says that whenever anyone asks him about his visit to Mickey's House. It was actually really cute.

But at least we did get him on to It's a Small World......after all, how can you go to Disneyland and not go on the "Its a Small World" ride.

Apparently it's a Small World doesn't fall in the "no ride.....too dark" category :)

Yup....and K is still holding on to that train!

All in all, the boys had so much fun together. Can't wait until K's birthday party later this summer and they can have fun together again!!!! Too bad they live so far away :(

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