Friday, July 1, 2011

Ah Venice….

We spent the last two days in Venice. This was not my first trip down the Canal, as mom and I had spent a few days there in 2007. It’s an interesting thing….after I went the first time, I felt like, yes it was nice, but that I had been there done that. Now having gone back with Jeff (hubby) and Heidi (sister-in-law) and Linda (family friend), I feel that there are many more things to be seen in this watery city. For example, Mom and I did the whole Murano island thing and went to the Accademia when we were there. This time, we did lots of shopping (um, hello, three girls plus Jeff? Yes, there was lots of shopping) and spent some time at St. Mark’s Square. But as I look at some of the museums that are in town, I feel like I could go back and spend a few days there experiencing some of the modern art collections, which is perhaps my favorite period when it comes to art. It probably won’t happen anytime soon given all the other places in the world to be seen, but something to put on the “if I ever happen to be in Venice again, I’m going to see X, Y and Z……”

We arrived and everyone was pleasantly surprised. You see, they have been having some thunderstorms at night, so it was nice and cool, a bit overcast at times with like zero humidity. Happy campers here! Such a contrast from the last time when it was hot, sticky and sweaty (and not in a fun way, mind you). Our hotel was basic by Venice standards, but super close to the Rialto Bridge, which meant we were right in the middle of the city, a perfect place to do our exploring from. Here’s some pictures from the sights of the city.


Alas, after just a short day and a half, we were on our way back to Florence and ready for our next adventure! Auntie Heidi and Linda will head out for Rome tomorrow and Jeff, Keegan and I are planning a trip to the park for a picnic for Daddy's last day in Firenze!

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