Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year....New Intentions

I started off last summer with the best of intentions of updating my blog for all our adventures from Italy. I did pretty good for a while. And took over. Then i thought, well i'll do a monthly update. Highlight the fun times like Halloween and Christmas. And took over again.

So while i'm at it, here's some of the fun times that rounded out the second half of 2011...

Somedays, it's stil a dream to me that we spent the summer in Italy. I look at the pictures and life there seems like a world away. Yet it was just a few short months ago.

Towards the end of our trip, we spent a weekend at the Amalfi Coast. The word "paradise" doesn't even begin to be able to describe the magic of that place. Sorrento was this great family oriented town where lovers would stroll the streets hand in hand, children would run and play (at night, the main drag was closed to traffic) and tourists would wander in and out of the local shops until midnight (yes, things were open that late and everyone was out to enjoy the night!)

So here we are again. New year, new intentions.

I'm going to try and post once a month - if nothing else, i'm noticing that my memory is fading. Must be mommy brain or something. But i look at Mr. K and i think he's always looked this way, that he isn't growing up as fast as i think. And then i look at a picture that's 3, 4, 6 months old and i go, wow! Or i see younger babies, and i can't ever remember him being that tiny, which i have to admit is a thought that makes me a little sad.

So being that it is still the month of January (for at least another day or so...) here's my post for the month....of course i'm posting about an event in December, but hey, that's the last time i synched my computer with my camera, and i can't seem to find the camera cord at the moment to upload the latest pictures so that's as good as it gets right now....

Back in the beginning of December, we went with the family up to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead. Let me revise that statement....we stayed at a mansion! Jeff's cousin Elise works for a property management company and this was the owners house. Gorgeous!!!! And right on the lake too. It was wonderful. We had lots of fun sitting around the big table for dinner, making smores and painting pottery. But the best part was going tubing in the snow. Keegan LOVED it. Every time he went down the hill, he was like "again". Needless to say, we'll have to go up to the snow "again" soon!

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