Friday, June 17, 2011

Ah Roma!

I had to ask myself, will the third time still be charming? Will i still be forever in love with the Eternal City?

The answer is indeed yes. But not necessarily for the same reasons as before.

Yes i still love to see all the amazing monuments, like the Trevi Fountain (threw in another coin, just for good luck that i will return to Rome and i added an extra one for Keegan) and the Vatican, but i found that i just enjoyed wandering the city, particularly the less crowded less touristy areas. I think if i ever came back to Italy to live for a summer, i'd like to try Rome and see the sights less traveled. Rome is a much older city than Florence, but it just has a certain energy to it that i love.

On our first day in Rome, we headed over to the Vatican. For the first time, i got to experience a guided tour (courtesy of our program here - in the past i've just done it on my own). While i appreciated all the background to some of the art, we had precious little time to work our way through this expansive collections, so i felt pretty rushed (and this was my 3rd time - i can only imagine how some of the students must have felt)

Ok, so i'm probably going to hell for this one. But i broke the rules and took some pictures of the works of Michelangelo that make up the ceiling. It's perhaps one of my favorite images of Rome.....perhaps anywhere. Not sure why some places allow you to take photos while others forbid it. Sure, i can see the no flash rule to protect the colors of the art. In the Sistine Chapel, i've been told that it is protected because it is a sacred spot for the Pope. Or maybe they just want to sell you really expensive reproductions in the gift shop?

Speaking of gift shops....I saw this sign at the Vatican that i found particularly amusing...just in case you weren't sure where to go to part with your Euros..... I purchased a lovely cross to give to Keegan someday when he is older.

Of course, Keegan's favorite thing to do in Saint Mark's Square was to chase the birds....

But we still did our fair share of tourist monuments! And lots and lots of walking. The subtitle for this blog really should read...I could walk 500 miles, because i think we did just that. The first day we walked from like 12-9 and the next day from 830-4 and then again from 7-12. Sunday we slowed things down a bit and only wandered from 10-3....only! Ha! Keegan was such a trooper the whole weekend!

Here's a few pictures of us as some of the magical sights of Roma!

The Colosseum at Night

Keegan and I at the Trevi Fountain - make a wish!

Rome is full of fountains - here we are at one in the Piazza Navona.

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