Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet "Wocky"

"Wocky" is so cool that she deserves her own post.

Becky (aka Wocky) is one of my students in the program this summer. And she is Keegan's new best friend. Literally. Mommy is so second class when Wocky is around. And thank god for her, as i probably wouldn't have survived this past week without her.

I think Keegan first fell in love with Becky on our train ride to Rome. He was laughing the whole time as they were playing. Whenever he is in his stroller, he calls out for her to hold his hand. It's very cute - especially when she has to let go because the roads are very tiny. K expresses his dislike with these momentary separations :)

Here's a few picture of Keegan with his new best friend - hopefully her boyfriend back home doesn't get jealous of the new man in her life :)

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