Friday, June 17, 2011


So this week has been filled with a couple of different daytrips, so i thought i would put them all together in one post...

On Wednesday, the students and I headed out to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. And it was a really HOT day! Pisa is just a short train ride from Florence, so it made for an easy day trip.

Contrary to this picture, the tower actually is really leaning.....

After Pisa, some of the students headed to the airport for their weekend adventures....Ibiza, Scotland, Dublin and Paris were the destinations of choice for about half of the students. The other half stayed with me and we headed off to the beach at Viareggio. While some of the students headed off to find the free beach, i was more than happy to pay my 5 euros to gain entry into a private beach club, where we had a changing room, bathroom, shower, kids play area, a place to get snacks and the best part - a beach chair with an umbrella. I was in heaven.....

Keegan was enjoying playing in the sand, but for some reason this kid is not a fan of the ocean. I think the waves scare him, as he is fine when we go in the pool at home. But he runs and screams if you try and dip his toes into the salty water.

Thursday, one of my students (Becky, aka "Wocky") headed out to explore the town of Verona, as in the fame of Romeo and Juliet (yes i have seen the cheesy movie "Letters to Juliet" and now after having been there i will probably watch it again.). We did go and see the "famous" balcony, but decided not to take the tour of her house.

The balcony is smaller than i imagined it to be....then again, the Italians are very tiny people.

Perhaps the highlight of our day (other than a REALLY good granita) was a tour of the Castelvecchio. We didn't really get to spend too much time with all the art (side note: they made us check the stroller, which then made Keegan want to touch everything, a big no no in a museum. And yet, they didn't seem too pleased that i was telling him, "NO" and "DON'T TOUCH" every 5 seconds. It's like, what do you expect people, for an almost two year old to behave like a perfect angel after a really long day of traveling and touring, especially if you unrestrain him from his stroller. Really?) Regardless, the views from here were pretty awsome of the Verona region.

All in all, a very productive few days.

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